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I'm quite surprised you guys would include Gaara. Unless you are talking about the manga, Gaara is mightily unstable and is more likely to kill his own teammates too!

Even at the current point of the manga, I find it unlikely he would trust anyone outside Naruto, Kankuro and Temari, but I am digressing here...

^^Hmm, no manga spoilers so... Anyway, here's my choice:

Shikamaru (Team leader and strategist)
Neji (Frontline fighter and scout. Bloodline limit useful for scouting ability and his fighting ability makes him an automatic choice)
Naruto (Frontline fighter. Never give up attitude and Kyubi!)
Temari (Long range support. Of course, you must have some female to look at... If it is Leaf-only, I would chose Tenten.)

since there is no genjutsu specialist in any of the genin or chunin that we know...

Sasuke (without cursed seal and before getting his brain messed up by Itaachi)

Personally I find it disappointing that Kishimoto gives so little air-time to the girls. Sakura, Ino and Hinata all seem to lack the abilities that would enable them to be promoted to chunin and above.
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