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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
As someone who plays MMO as well, it just doesn't make sense to me to just make a weapon but not using it on the get go to benefit its bonus whatsoever. Surely Dark Repulser is actually better than Elucidator.......
Hoo hoo maybe they have the same type of system as MegaTen for repair costs. Some of my gears stayed stashed until I do high level content with a good party or I end up making a loss!

In regards to KOB master challenging Kirito, I think there are two things to consider:

First a guild master could end up just administering therefore no longer levelling as they don't really have the time to get out into the field. So he could be suffering from over confidence from the days he was out in the field.

Or the reverse the guild master could use the pooled resources of the guild to power level himself and could be the most high levelled char in SAO.

Great episode, I love the character designs and interaction.
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