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Originally Posted by Karakuri View Post

Atleast I wouldn't want a Leader who couldn't be stronger than me, not in this type of game.
As a game of death I totally agree with you, but also because of this reason I think that more real life aspects come into play. In a normal game death doesn't count, but in SAO it does and people tend to want to be part of the stronger org when their lives are on the line. Now in real life one of the most powerful people is the president of the USA. In a one on one duel Chuck Norris could have him easily, but that doesn't matter, what matters I personally think is the personality that people perceive.

This goes back to my first point, the problem is when leaders start believing that they can do all the stuff which they have been selling other people...

Asuna said earlier that the guild started getting weird when ppl started saying it is the most strongest guild in the game. Add in how now it seems that her body guard was actually chosen for the job by him, I have my doubts about Heathcliff. Especially how he is acting about Asuna taking a break from the guild. Challenging Kirito with her "freedom" as a prize like she is some trophy is kinda meh imho, like someone who feels like they own their guild members....
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