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Originally Posted by grey_moon View Post
But a play like this could make that break a permanent one. I don't know about other people but I personally wouldn't want to be treated like a trophy.

Also I don't agree with coercing Kirito into KOB being a good thing. With guild member's lives actually at risk, if you were the guild master would you want a pissed off player part of your plans?

The more I think about it, unless a really good reason comes up for why Heathcliff is acting this way, the more of a tool I think he is. All in all I think he is actually a pretty good representation of some of the guild leaders of some of the bigger guilds I have met in various MMOs (no names mentioned xD)
She isn't being treated like a " trophy ", she is the one who actually " wins ", wether Kirito loses or wins. She wants to spend time with Kirito -> If Kirito loses she'll be with him inside the guild. -> If Kirito wins she'll be with him outside the guild. -> Kirito Wants to be with Asuna. -> Kirito loses -> He'll be with Asuna. Kirito wins -> He'll be with Asuna.
Heathcliff wants Kirito -> Heathcliff wins -> He'll have Kirito. Heathcliff loses -> Either Asuna persuades him into joining the guild after, or Kirito doesn't join.

I think both Kirito and Asuna are having the advantage here. They'll win wether Kirito wins or not, plus - if Kirito joins the guild, if anything goes wrong and they're partying together, they have someone to help them. If they don't have a party, with any guild members other than Asuna and Kirito, they may die if something goes wrong ( Like...Laughin Coffin suddenly attacking ).

Edit: It's actually a way to protect Asuna too, since she could be with Kirito while being in parties with their guild members, she wouldn't have more risks as in only with Kirito.
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