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I think the issue is just basically that it comes across as if Asuna doesn't even get a choice about her own destiny. When I watched the episode with my sister, that was the first thing she pointed out: that the two guys were fighting over her when she should be able fight for herself (that they were turning her into a damsel in distress). Part of that is that the scene in the anime was so short so Asuna didn't even get a word in edge-wise. I pointed out basically the same thing that people have said here: I think the guild leader was just using this to manipulate Kirito given that he had the opportunity, so it actually reflects more poorly on him that he's jumping at this chance to fight without thinking about Asuna's feelings. Asuna, for her part, was just trying to defer respectfully to the guild leadership, even if she didn't really like it (because she just wants to take a break, not to give up her position and quit).

In the end, like I said before, it can look bad at first glance, but there are also other explanations that make sense. It depends on how it gets resolved in the end (like, if the next episode cuts straight to the battle, or if it cuts to Asuna going "what the hell were you thinking?!" ).
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