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Originally Posted by Starlightz View Post
I hope I'm not the only one who think it's fine and understandable for Heathcliff to treat Asuna like a "trophy" (or an object)...
I'm an officer of the top Asian (well, except China) WoW guild, so I guess my mindset may be similar to grey_moon's "guild leaders of some of the bigger guilds I have met" - I think each guild member IS property of the guild, so it's fine to treat them as such when it comes to matters like this. When you join a guild (or any big organization in general), you have certain responsibilities. "Take a temporary break" on a whim to party with someone outside the organization is really irresponsible. In real life, if you are an officer in an army, or a big company, are you able to suddenly leave one day on your whim? No, you aren't.
After all, by being in a big guild, a guild member (Asuna in this case) probably have gained certain advantages before (if not now) - being in guild raids, easy to find strong party, get items from bosses the guild killed, etc. Why is it wrong to think she belongs to the guild?
Well, I do understand your point, hard to disagree in there. But you can't have someone who has stress or doubts about how to act, let's say, in the army. It seems that, if you are in stress, or something like that, you'll be thinking of as a " crazy person " ( Probably because they aren't " veterans ", they got in the army about..2/3 years ago, they often throw themselves to the ground, htiting rocks and stuff, so they can go home ), atleast my brother told me once, that no one goes to Missions ( He's in the army ) unless they're perfectly healthy ( Mind and body, of course ). Which I do understand this reason. Asuna is also stressed. I don't think it's the same thing, of course. But if she makes 1 mistake, everything can go wrong. And if someone died, because she made that mistake, she would probably blame herself for that, and take a long time so she could get back to strategies and stuff. So, I do think they could let her leave for a bit, so she could think things out. However, she doesn't really need to get out. Kirito takes out all the stress she has ( or atleast it looks like that to me ), because she can be her " normal self " when she's with Kirito.
But about being in a TOP guild, I must say, I have to agree in there. I've been in a few TOP guilds, and of course they let you get out, but once you do that, you can not re-join the guild. Most of the guilds I was in were like this. And I agreed, because most of the times, they would do useless stuff, when the guild could lose significant spots ( to level up ) or some wars/fights, because of that.

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