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Originally Posted by CBredbeard View Post
You haven't been paying attention then.

1.) Adventures/Countries don't matter anymore. It's power battles between Djinn-users and Magi. No other obstacles and challenges exist.
Countries absolutely matter. Every metal vessel user is tied to a country, and they have their own goals are closely tied to it.

2.) The world has united to save it. Both Kou and the Alliance have pretty much said they'll be content with things after saving the world. They have no reason to fight each other anymore. What's more, Reim has no reason to expand it's territory since Kou is no longer interested in wars.
The metal vessel users only united because if they didn't, the world would end. In chapter 187, Kouen forced Aladdin agree to tell him the truth in exchange for his help, while the other Djinn cautioned Aladdin not to as it'd affect the destiny of the world. Kouen has 2 goals, seek the truth of the world and unite it. He doesn't necessarily want wars but if it takes a war to end all wars he will do it. With his new found knowledge there's no doubt he will clash with the seven seas alliance as he pretty much seas Sinbad as his rival. Not to mention, the setup after this arc is ripe for a Kou Civil war.

As for Reim, it feels like the 2 metal users are not loyal to the Prince at all. Without their Magi guiding them there could easily be a civil war for control. Reim has only been defensive because their Magi has been guiding them all this time, with her dead, a new leader could emerge that'd want to expand their influence, especially if Kou is embroiled in a civil, leaving their outskirts wide open.

Sinbad's Seven Sea Alliance is neutral on the surface, but Sinbad is a King's candidate and he has some end game goal that he's been working at. Every single time we've seen Sinbad he's been doing something to advance his own goals. There's a reason why Aladdin and Alibaba did not join Sinbad but instead decide to forge their own path.

3.) Agitators and antagonists that exist or may exist are a joke. Hakuryuu and Judal are nothing. Gyouken is nothing. Mu is nothing. The Prince from Reim is double nothing. The interesting parts of the manga no longer exist and only petty grudge matches do.

Mu might want to kill Aladdin and Alibaba for what happened to Scherazade. Those two aren't a country though. Even if he wants revenge, achieves it, it won't matter much in the scheme of things. Not enough meat there for a story.
Again, this would tie into a story arc for power struggle within Reim in the aftermath. Aladdin would not want to see Reim fight amongst themselves and will probably ally themselves with the Prince, and try to solve things peacefully whereas Mu will want to instigate a war. There could be a number of things that can play out with this scenario.


Hakuryuu is a butt monkey with mommy issues. He might hate Alibaba for being a rival for Morgiana's attention, but you can't really build an arc out of that. Judal is chaotic evi and he can't plan things.

Gyouken just had her best chance at achieving her goals taken away from her. What's more, she just revealed who and what she is presumably because she thought her goals were within reach through no action of her own. If she had instead chosen to reveal herself at a time of her choosing when her plans had bared fruit, then maybe she could have carried on.

Unfortunately, it would seem this was her best shot and the best she could do, all that's left is hunting her down and killing her.
The way I see it, the Magnoschadt medium is just a toy for Gyouken. It's made up of Dark Rukh from only a very small population and Magomett himself isn't too powerful. Her real end game would consist of sacrificing the entire population of Kou to create a medium that is vastly more powerful.

Even aside from the plot threads that can be picked up, the character development is nowhere near complete for Aladdin and Alibaba. Aladdin has grown better as a mage without relying on his Magi powers, but he still failed to stop the current situation from getting out of hand. His King's candidate is Alibaba, but he doesn't have the wisdom and experience he needs to guide him.

Same with Alibaba, he might have grown a lot stronger power wise, but he still falls way short as a King's Candidate. He doesn't have a solution for Balbadd yet. Both Aladdin and Alibaba are still just pieces that get pushed around by the events of the world. There's plenty of room left for them to grow.
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