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Originally Posted by Wordplay
I guess I was completely invisible during the incident...

@ Shiemi

Nice pic, but which one is you?
The 'gaijin' that is not touching the food. I went to some onsen place in Yamagata with a bunch of grannies and grandpas, including okaasan (in law). I was the only foreigner and the only one in her twenties. The others were all past 50 years of age if I'm not mistaken. It still was fun and you can have a nice time with people that are not exactly your age even if their chewing gum wrappers say something that can be translated as: Your fake teeth won't stick to the gum!

Originally Posted by basket
Perhaps this is what happens when Shiemi tries to sing while she's sick... She transforms into something else!!
Hmm... Now I know why my tots run away from me when I'm not at my best.

llama, you have very pretty eyes and they're huge!
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