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On 2channel, SHnY has just passed triple the number of posts of Fate/Stay Night:
~251064 to ~83330 = ~3.013x. I think I started watching this tally when SHnY had around half the number of posts. In the 7.5 hours since the episode started airing, there have been approximately 3000 posts.

I haven't read much of what people are posting there, but opinion appears to be split, as I expect it will be here. The kind of humour in this episode is just what I like -- even the excruciating (and excruciatingly funny) scene of Yuki reading alone in the club room with voices filtering in from next door. But other people's mileage may justifiably vary.

For me, this and episodes 1 and 2 are the best of the series so far (in that order).
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