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That being said, the entire point of Mihawk within the context of being a Shichibukai is that he is the known strongest swordsman. It is literally his reputation, and Shichibukai are all about reputation. Consequently, unless the world government wants Mihawk's power to be diminished by having other swordsmen stronger than him with Ranks equal to him, then it is unlikely that an Admiral will be a swordsman only.

I'm all for this blind character to be an Admiral, he just can't be a swordsman only. He can use a sword, be a weaker swordsman compared to Mihawk, but still be stronger overall for other reasons.
For all we know he could be on par with Mihawk seeing how there could have been more swordmens who are also strong coming up from the 2 year skip. Also who could own the other 11 Supreme Grade Swords. I also want him to train Zoro seeing how both uses swords and both are blind and semi blind. Plus in the end of the training blind swordsman could trade swords with Zoro. Seeing how Blind swordsman sword could be a Supreme Grade Sword and given how Zoro has had one of each grade katana other then a Supreme Grade Sword it would be cool if he was to get one and then from there face off with the other owners of the Supreme Grade Swords to get to his final battle with Mihawk where he would put everything he has learned from all his battles into his final match with his ex-teacher and rival.

It could just be Haki. We already know the presence of Haki feels like pressure on the body/mind, so why not make the power extra effective when used against one individual?
True as we only saw it effect one person the rest could have been hit off screen. Still if it is Haki then it would most likely be Conqueror's Haki given that the bar tender seemed to be doing fine. Still wouldn't explain the the bottomless hole. Unless he really fast at drawing his sword?
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