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Day 5 was HELLA funny. The "Everything" simply topped it off...

Its weird, but I want to see a picture of Keiichi in all that gear, just so I can laugh my head off more.... The setup is just too evil funny.

I recently received a copy of Higurashi that I bought online from
Apart from a small stuff up (they sent me Umineko no Naku Koro ni part 2 instead of Higurashi Kai Matsuri Bayashi - getting it fixed right now) it was a fairly simple and quick order process. They even support PayPal.
They were fairly straight forward, and fairly easy for me to use. Even their support (in the rare situation you need it) was fairly easy to use.

Im thinking I might upload a small guide for people on how to get their systems running Higurashi with the English Patch, both the Demo and the Full Version. Unfortunately, alot of those guides out there seem to contain steps that arnt needed. Plus, Windows loves to do some stuff that just plain confuses or scares when you first see it. Also, some of the steps arnt needed to play the game, just to get it to install correctly.

Hmm. Would there be enough people out there who need Windows 2000 instructions?
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