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Originally Posted by Archontic View Post
I'm going to make a bomb shaped like a heart that explodes into tar and feathers and give it to the first person I see.

Seriously, I never cared much for this holiday. OR any holidays. Good deeds and celebration should be spontaneous and thoughtful. Things like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day make it seem like an annual obligation. I won't give a gift to someone on Christmas; I'll just give them a gift.

Don't understand humans worth a damn. xD
I don't mind Thanksgiving and Christmas as traditional holidays. They're a nice time to share with family and give thanks for what one has. Unfortunately, the truth behind these holidays has been lost, in what appears to be an attempt to either anesthetize the masses into mindless obedience, to keep "the children" safe, or to hide the truth of these holidays. Still, the occasional day of forced niceties isn't so bad.

On the other hand, "Hallmark Holidays" like Valentine's Day and Sweetest's Day are horse shit. If you love someone, you give them a gift. The fact that a corporation tries to make people feel obligated to express their love through monetary donations on a random day of the year is ridiculous.

Yes, I'm single this Valentines Day; yes I've had a girlfriend on Valentines Day before; no, we didn't exchange gifts. I give gifts to my girlfriends all the time (expensive dinners excluded, though they probably shouldn't be), so I don't find it necessary to give something on this particular day. Want to spend some time together, sure. Perhaps go to dinner, like we would any other time, OK. But spend exorbitant and extraneous amounts of money because its "Valentines Day," no thank you.
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