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Originally Posted by hooyahooya View Post
We, C.C. X Lelouch fans must remember R1, it appears that most of you are just talking about R2, if you revized R1 you would find that the percentage of existing a relationship between C.C. and Lelouch more than existing a one between Kallen and Lelouch.
You cannot make that comparison, you're comparing 25 episodes to 10. You're also basing your assumption on strict opinion and personal interpretation of the scenes (hense why this argument has never died down, because there is no concrete evidence either way). Which is what my point has been, in the 10 episodes of R2 you've had Kallen developments that have made C.C. fans get their panties in a bunch. This is arguably more than anything the C.C. developments did in S1 to any camp anywhere.

Originally Posted by Narona View Post
Well, he can care about Kallen and still not be in love with her.

And about C.C. . She can be happy that lelouch cares about his friends. That he is still human.

She said that because of the geass, he will be alone (something like that), but it seems that lelouch doesn't make the same mistakes as the other geass users (mao).

But the romance speculation about C.C. wanting LxK and that lelouch loves kallen are so meh, because there's no real fact about that.

The kallen fans are seeing romantic things in favor of KxL in each scenes, but when it's about C.C., there's obviously no such things. (summary of Turn 11 and some scenes in R1 etc.) >_> >o<
The real problem with anyone guessing into how C.C. thinks is that no one knows how she thinks. EVeryone simply postulates and puts forth an idea. It is not impossible for her to want Lelouch to follow after someone, nor is it some definitive fact.
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