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Originally Posted by raikage
Naruto's a ninja - in a week he might be dead. And then the Akatsuki would (theoretically) lose their chance to control Kyuubi-chakra forever.
I don't understand, then, why the Akatsuki members are not actively monitoring Naruto. Did they simply give up because Jiraiya showed up? Or Itachi screwed up? Or they have so much faith in Naruto? Or faith in Jiraiya's guarding Naruto? I mean, no harm in popping out every now and then to see if the big bad scary Jiraiya is still watching, right? I really don't understand why they don't do a follow-up job if they find Kyuubi to be so important. Unless of course all of them are afraid of Jiraiya...ah, if only Itachi-san hadn't scared Orochimaru-sama away, they might have had a chance, but it's hopeless...

Originally Posted by raikage
And, IMHO, Itachi is ever so slightly overrated. The reason everyone puts him on top is because of one technique that he claims cannot be countered by anyone except his little brother - a claim which, without logical reasoning behind it, rates equally as a claim of "I cannot be defeated".
Itachi is perhaps "overrated" since he only wiped out the Uchiha Clan; had he not taken forever to eat dinner, he could've had enough time to maybe I don't know wipe out the Hyuga Clan as well? But then again, the Hyugas will forever be considered as nothing but pushovers because they lost to one guy. ^_^;;

As for Tsukiyomi...there might probably be a loophole or something, but since no one has figured it out yet and our dear friend Orochimaru hasn't either, I'd say Itachi gets the benefit of doubt.
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