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Instead of waiting for the first moderator that comes online to close this thread, why don't you all just stop while you're ahead and quit posting so it doesn't have to be closed? It's really not that hard; all you have to do is refrain from posting asinine comments to every little reply on the content of this thread or something else related to the prodigious amount of idiocy currently being displayed. Personally, I'm quite shocked with the amount of immaturity projected by some the members who have been posting here lately; in a sense, I'm inclined to agree with former member Neko Koneko in that the conversations that have been taking place on this board in the past month or so are utterly inane and moronic, and a good portion of said conversations have degenerated into incoherent spamming. Try to remember that it's you that moderators have to keep an eye on, and shape up. If a converation has deteriorated beyond salvaging, save the mods some time and simply don't reply. If everyone could just use proper judgement when they make a post, the moderators wouldn't have to clean up after all of you.

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