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this is a no brainer for a fanboy of Shiratori Mizuha design in Gsen. the hair color, twin tails. how perfect! not for Gekkou but for me. I always thought you were a loli shipper though. and Mirai is just a brat, not really a contender though that may change of course.

well you know Kagami, having killed millions with SoAE. he's used to working with high power levels, even for supporting characters, so he will manage somehow.

btw, CE, can you use spoiler tags for plot points? thanks. while such LN threads are not modded as strictly, it makes it harder for people who want to avoid ALL spoilers to visit this thread just to ask for specific spoilers or discuss content they have read (or watch when the anime starts), which can be from Chinese translations or official publications for some. and the thread discussion will be less if people don't want to be spoiled on all fronts are not participating.
Wrong....I'm a shipper of what I like :P

He seems to derive much fun stepping on Mirai's head...

I was silly to get so excited over the PV1, which even had a shot of Rine in it.
Ha....? Really? All I got was cheesy voice over followed by me dying of laughter a few days later when it turned out that ZEXCS "Violated YT's TOS"

One thing about the pacing's quite jarring when Taito is battling/running the hell away when suddenly, he gets glomped by Himea and it's a wonder he hasn't expired his pseudo- immortality clause yet....

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