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Originally Posted by Tiberium Wolf View Post
Anyway I am reading his manifesto and it seems interesting so far in the 1st 200 pages (some parts I just peeked, too much text and citations). I thought it was complete nonsense writing but he indeed put a lot of effort to write something with head, body and feet although lot of citations. He had even put the sources.
He raises a lot of valid concerns, and it's generally well written. (Though he can tend to exaggerate when it suits his narrative.) It's not that the problems he points out don't exist (Islamic fundamentalist in Europe, political correctness gone mad and so forth), it's just that his solution is possibly the dumbest and most inane I've ever seen put forth. A massacre of innocent civilians helps no one, and I find it hard to fathom how he could have honestly believed this to be a viable solution.

Originally Posted by Mr Hat and Clogs View Post
This is, I guess, the bulk of his writings? (need to translate it, since its in Norwegian)
These are his collected posts on a political forum he was a member of. His posts there were referenced a lot while the case was still in development, and due to the amount of attention they have received in the wake of the massacre, they have assembled every posts of his for easy access.
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