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That's exactly the point of these initial fights with the Huckebein, besides the obvious--they need to find out the flaws that the AEC armaments have, and they can only do that in a live battle.

After all, this is Nanoha. We're not going to see this conversation happening:

Nanoha: So, Touma-kun, we need to be at our best when we stop the Huckebein family.
Touma: Okay, how can I help?
Vita: We need you to let us use our AEC weapons on you.
Touma: ... what?
Vita: Well, we certainly can't risk this stuff failing on us in the middle of a firefight, now can we?
Touma: This sounds dangerous. I could get hurt!
Nanoha: You'll just be able to regenerate the damage thanks to the Eclipse, though!

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