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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
You implied that by attributing her superior speed entirely to the fact she's a cyborg (reafirmed by your comment that said the flying numbers where faster than Subaru following that logic). Being a combat cyborg alone doesn't make up for her speed, it is Mach Caliber's achievement in great part.
I was claiming that being a Combat Cyborg might have enabled her to USE more of her speed in a cramped environment than a normal would could safely get away with.

It wasn't about top speed, but "highest controllable speed".

You were the one who mentioned footspeed, as though a cyborg could outrun a flying mage on foot. I never once referred to the running speed that cyborg muscles allowed, merely to their superior ability to withstand the shocks of landing and to generate leaping force.

And that superiority was only to legs and arms of a NON-flying mage, since flying mages could use flight-power to assist their landings and jumps.
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