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There's passive scanning and active scanning.

Passive scanning is detecting wavelengths that something is already producing, like an ear hearing sounds or a Giger counter picking up on radioactivity.

Active scanning is like sonar -- sending out a wavelength and expecting the wave to bounce off an object and return to you, letting you interpret the disturbances in the wave to get a picture of what's out there.

There's also the possiblity that scrying can displace your senses, allowing you passively recieve information with your sight or hearing, in an entirely different location. Though needing to actively use magic in this fashion would make it an active scan, especially since someone might detect the wavelength of your spell being used.

Assuming the Huckebein have Linker Cores and/or some other source of energy stronger than your average Earth human, sensors should be able to detect the wavelengths they naturally emit.

However, the Huckebein might have a stealth capability similar to the tricks mages have for hiding from such passive detection. Like putting a basket over a candle to hide the light. The Hbs might also have active defenses against active scanning.

It would not surprise me that Deville would have stealth abilities in addition to teleportation abilities to make up for a lack of projectiles or super-speed.

As yet, however, we don't have any clear evidence suggesting that he can do this. Maybe he really did jump twice, as I originally believed. Either one is possible.

One thing does puzzle me -- surely being actively scryed by someone should be obvious to magical senses, right? (Except possibly in the case of the Huckebein, since their rules might be sufficiently different.)

Well, it's never actually come up before. In A's, Nanoha never noticed Vita looking for her until the Magical Prison field went up.

Maybe Vita was relying on passive senses and Nanoha was simply that bright?

What Fate did with the Jewel Seeds once -- a forced activation to make them reveal themselves -- might have been a very aggressive active scan. One that not only caused the Jewel Seeds to react from the force, but that registered on Yuuno's (and Nanoha's?) senses.
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