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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Yeah, it does do that to some extent (though it isn't perfect). I was trying out one of the "start anywhere you like" mods and the effects are interesting, definitely more challenging.
i've been testing the deadly dragons mod

Jesus, magma dragons are fuckin annoying and cheap! even i want a Krakatoa Shout!

well i did only the companions, Forsworn(shouted madanach and his faggots to the death, + i've killed thonar for manipulating everyone telling that there's no Forsworn in the city) and the first act of the main quest, im still lvl 38 but the shit is getting serious now

i'll try to get lvl 46 to get both chillrend and karliah's bow, then i'll do the DB main quest and Winterhold to get the ultimate staff of magnus and finish up with a neutral ending in the civil war
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