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Oh he did, don't worry about it. You'll see it in the translation release, it shouldn't take long.

He's trash alright, but somehow I find it quite interesting how he ended up like this. He's definitely brilliant, but powerless (esper wise), giving him a peculiar complex. The result being him trying especially hard to prove that intelligence is better than esper abilities. He would make a good Kihara if only he wasn't so driven by emotions... But that's basically it, he's like a wannabe Kihara, and without the most important feature he falls far behind.
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But I really thought that Mikoto (Or at least Awatsuki / Wannai) would do something to him, not just "oh well, you are controlled by Misaki, so I let you go.."
It's like no one has any sense for revenge / justice.
It was a bit of a let down, but well within character (and within script, Baba can't die here.)

Remember Wannai and Awatsuki are serious pacifists, just some chapters ago they were commenting about never being angry. Perhaps knowing they had obtained what was needed to help Kongou and seeing Baba groveling pathetically in the ground was enough to calm their outburst, pity taking the place of anger.

And Mikoto, well, she does believe Misaki is behind everything...

What intrigues me now is what's the connection between Misaki's original plan and MEMBER's actions... I particularly hope the mess isn't a result of plain misfortune.
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