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Originally Posted by ellifeedn View Post
How long do you think this series will continue for: before, after, or at the same time as the end of the main series?
At this rate it will still be ongoing 10 years after the main series ends.

Originally Posted by Acer View Post
I would like to see how the 0930 incident will have its effects on Railgun, I know it will not be shown clearly, but at least it suggests.
It might be skipped, just like many other events were skipped.
It does not have any connection to the story of Railgun.
Mikoto was just helping Touma a bit, but she was not really involved.

How to put it.. it would be really out of place, similar to Angel Fall.
(I really hoped this would show up at least for the gags with swapped characters)

Originally Posted by I_am_Kami View Post
Misaka Awakens.
Jokes aside.
There was some questions (in other thread) regarding Mikoto's battle capability aside from her abilities and this chapter has proven that Tokiwadai trains their students in hand to hand combat
(can she get even more OP?)
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