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Psychologically speaking a delusion is a sustained and unshakable belief in something despite irrefutable proof to the contrary. For a first episode it's kind of too early to say if how many of those characters actually have a delusion according to the DSM-IV clinical definition.

On the other hand since it IS a sustained belief that runs contrary to reality, Yuuta's acceptance of his... past beliefs does not make him delusional since he has accepted the "falseness" of his assumed middle school identity.

But is it really false?

For all we know she really does have a Demon Eye and he's really a Dark Master. That would be a nice twist, since you know this is billed to have some supernatural elements and not just delusional allusions to it. Or maybe I inhaled too much Desflurane in the OR again.

Also I swear her ahegao has a life of its own...
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