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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
as for unicorns, I don't own vol 3 actually (or vol 2)sorry....I only have OnC and vol 4-5 of Horizon
Oh okay. I've only heard of a couple of things for vol. 4 but otherwise I don't really know that much. And nothing about vol 5.

I guess the only thing I'm curious most curious about at this point is Katsuie Shibata, I hear he fights quite a bit of people in Vol. 4. Now he's pretty damn impressive from what he's done in Vol. 3 since he fought Futayo, Muneshige, and Gin plus someone else all at once, and pretty much steamrolled them apparently and destroyed Tonbonkiri too. I heard he had a weapon that was similar to Tonbonkiri too? Somewhat related, different function than cutting...

But in Vol. 4 he apparently fights people from Musashi/England/Sviet Russia/etc. ? If it's not too much of a bother who exactly had fought him and/or how did they drive him off??
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