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Originally Posted by FlavoryFantasy View Post
Figured they'd have their own version seeing as how Mikawa was allied with PA ODA for some time. Speaking of the Genesis Plan, has Sakai talked to anyone about his copy that he obtained back in Mikawa at all? If he hasn't then I'm assuming the contents of it could potentially bring more harm than good for Musashi in their quest to recover all the DSA + becoming a country treated more equal in the eyes of the world.

Then again I don't know too much about Sakai aside from whats been in the anime and him giving Muneshige a new weapon later. So I have no idea on any other reasons he'd have for not telling them about the Genesis plan.
Probably because the genesis plan is a secret. Either he doesn't know too much about it or he doesn't think its important enough to tell them or its not the correct time.

What i'm more interested is this.

Spoiler for Cause there is no theory tag.:

Minus the fact about the fountain of youth. Usually if a character looks similar. The name can be spelled backwards. Its usually them. At least from what I can tell their related. Anyone have any ideas? These are probably one of the questions that won't get answered until the end.
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