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Wow, that dude went down so wonder Karura want to stay with Hakuro. Who would want to stay with some loser brother when you can join the Harem of Ultimate winnage!!!! ahahaha lol

I've notice something, the people in Shadow Warrior Chronicles (lol) seem to have no concept of nation. They follow one dude until that dude dies, then they just go back to their merry life and let other dude rules them over. I guess in order to take over the world all Hakuro has to do is to assasinate all the rulers in the world haahha. Although I am pretty sure that the reason the soldiers gave up so fast at the end of the episode is because nobody really like that fag, kinda like how the Iraqis gave up (as least initially) once Sadam was removed from power by the Americans. Unfortunately, the constraint of a TV series really hamper the director effort in portraying the story in a logical manner.
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