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Originally Posted by Lost
^ I would actually expect a tyrant to have at least "brainwashed" the populace (or at least a part of it) to see his idealogy; thus resulting in at least some resistance against Hakuoro's rule. Then again, it could be because Hakuoro himself doesnt seem to have a culture/idealogy of his own to spread, enforce; and maybe thats why the "conquered" people accept him; they are free to belief/think what they want to.

In anycase, I dont think the Anime goes that deep.
Not necessarily or, at best, not that obviously. In the game, Hakuoro's way of dealing with things would perhaps be a little more comprehensible - as long as you've reached the end and get to know why Hakuoro behaves thusly...since there is a reason, one surprising explanation for his benevolence - but I won't go into specifics.

So, no, the anime doesn't seem to go that deep but I suppose the audience won't even consider that aspect of the series until they have learnt about all the secrets behind the UM universe. Until then we will predictably just go along with the idea that Hakuoro is your umpteenth Good-guy-turned-leader-that-can't-go-or-commit-evil. It's only when you gather your wits after the end and try to create a comprehensive timeline that you piece all things together and get to understand Hakuoro a little better. But that's a story for another time.
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