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Originally Posted by seiji_kun View Post
I don't know what you're shitting about but Lelouch always protects the people close to him, if you really want to denie it again I can look up for the examples... He ain't a saint, he tries to keep the citizens out of line of fire as much as possible.
Actually I don't think Leluoch cares one BIT about citizens in the line of fire.

And that sakuradite tanker, I would've done the same without a moment of hesitation. It was a calculated decision he had to make, theire was a 0% of saving them. So he could've gone into a proper battle and lose troops and not even half of the damage that exploding that tanker would do or lose no troops and wipe out a lot of enemy troops. Extreme but without doubt the smartest choice. And pls explain me how they were Lelouch his people? Seeing he didn't had anything to do with them personally and they weren't even part of his black order.
Then why bother saying "We will help them" if there was no way to? Or why bother mobilizing at all? He could have just as easily been there by himself and blew them up and said later they committed suicide. Oh right.... that wouldn't have worked in his plans... nor did the JLF work into his plans to begin with. He wanted them wiped out from the beginning so HIS group wouldn't have been absorbed into it.

I agree with mostly everything else you said though. <.<'
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