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Originally Posted by ZeroSama View Post
The JLF were useless(apart from Todou and the 4 holy swords) so he decide to use them as bait to weaken the Brtannian forces to make it easier to capture Cornelia while making himself apppear like the good guy.
Right... the resistance group that has been fighting Britannia for over seven years, had the largest following, and the most support from the Kyoto Group was useless.

The only reason they became useless is because Lelouch used them as pawns in his game when he went there to "help" defend their headquarters. He ended up wiping out most of their forces with that landslide. It was even hinted at the the JLF would absorb the Black Knights after all. I don't think Lelouch wanted that at all.

Also it was kinda sad that when Suzaku was with Euphie at the end that her kill geass didn't make her try to kill him making his live geass kill her. Then he would've been tried for regicide and been out of Lulu's way.
.....That isn't even worth replying to except to say: You Fail.
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