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Originally Posted by ZeroSama View Post
No its a fail that her geass to kill all japanese mysteriously decided to go awol when she was Suzaku. Geass makes people absolutely obedient to an order given, her not carrying out that order is a complete WTF??
It could have been one of many things. It could have been that the Geass was weakened due to her current state, or her feelings for Suzaku broke the spell (even Lelouch said Euphie tried to fight it when he first used it), or it could be a mix of both. So it really isn't a WTF moment.

Also the JLF did a great job stopping Cornelia's forces didn't they. They were basically on there last legs until Lulu wiped out loads of Britannia forces and messed up there strategy and moral. They proved to be incompetent and some like Kusakabe didn't have a problem killing innocent people which is a big no no in Lulu eyes. Might as well seperate the wheat(Todou and 4 HS) from the chaff(the rest).
They were HARDLY on their last legs. They had trouble against Cornelia because 1) Corneila is a tactical mastermind (she beat Lelouch remember?), 2) had them COMPLETELY surrounded, and 3) had them out numbered like 3 to 1.

And Lelouch killed so many innocent people that it isn't even funny. Moral my ass. He only said that stuff to sugarcoat what he was doing. Besides, that instance was a renegade group. Remember? It went to Toudou who seemed to be pretty pissed off at what they were doing.
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