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Originally Posted by Orga777 View Post
He didn't just drop a mountain on Cornelia's forces. He dropped a mountain on pretty much the main fighting forces of the JLF (and then used them as cover while they escaped). But the fact that Cornelia considered them a giant threat to do a sneak attack proves that they were NOT on their last legs.
Watch Ep 10 again. The general was pretty much giving up because there forces were dropping like fly's and wetting himself because Todou wasn't there for a miracle. Also she launched a sneak attack so they wouldn't get wind of an attack and scatter.

Originally Posted by Orga777 View Post
Yes... he tried so hard to avoid it during the lack Rebellion... and when he destroyed the mountain... and if you want to be technical, the whole Euhpie incident.
The civilains had been evacuated before he dropped the mountain, he only collaspsed the outer edge of the settlement to avoid needless civilain casualties(he could've collapsed the whole thing except the school) and he did not deliberately order her to massacre the elevens
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