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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
Akiba talks about liking the episode of Lolikko Cutie because it was made by a favorite animation director, whose connections bring in great key animators (sure, that's why he liked it, lol). The actual animation director of this episode, I believe including the Lolikko Cutie part, was Matsuo Yuusuke 松尾祐輔, a former KyoAni animator who did key animation on numerous episodes of FMP:TSR, SHnY, Kanon, and Lucky Star, then left and has done key animation on Daughter of Twenty-Faces, Macross Frontier, and ep1 of this show (up to the end of Jin's carving scene).
The Lolikko Cutie part was storyboarded, directed and animated by Takeuchi Tetsuya by himself. At least the credit technically said it. The remaining problem is whether it was actually "by himself". It indeed looks like it is, though. Uh, where are good key animators except him? I wanted to watch Takeuchi's followers' work as well.

Up to the end of Jin's carving scene? I thought his work was before the OP. I'll have to watch ep1 once more.

What's with Nagi's face after watching Lolikko Cutie? You can't be like her after Takeuchi's episode. lol.
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