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Originally Posted by raile View Post
Megumi Nakajima Mamegu da Wasshoi Live DVD PV.

On a note, she's improved on that Be MYSELF song but nope, that song and dance still make me facepalm.
Can't say much for Tenshi no Enogu (Dammit, I still feel letdown ;_; ). And What 'bout my star @ Formo is pretty nice to listen to live.
Am I the only one who can't stand how fake she is >_>
I mean, while I feel May'N is like...a premature hag (As much as I liked her singing, the way she acts is so...old ;_; Sometimes I think she's in her late 40s just because of the way she carries herself and the weird tacky things she wears) Nakajima is like...someone trying to be an animu character 24/7 and sort of failing.

I really wish she'd stop doing those retarded dances.
Ranka dancing is weird enough already, Nakajima doesn't have the proportions to pull the KIRA dance off.

I also hate how she's mauling the lolita wear. She literally looks like some random person who tried it in a store, but got rushed out to do a live.
The other outfits aren't any better...they don't even match the songs she's singing...

"Be Myself" dance at the end seems...slightly better, probably because it has more bobbing and someone finally realized her legs aren't long enough to do cutesy dances, and finally gave her a more slimming/elongating dress + lowered to camera to make her look taller. That and she doesn't have that fugly ass santa hat on her damn head.

Finally, is it just me or has she decided to switch back to lighter moe singing as opposed to her last live videos where it seemed like she was going to sing on a lower key?

sigh sigh sigh.
I'm really sick of her.
I think I have more chance of liking ranka than I'd ever like nakajima.

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