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Okay then, what about the whole secrecy of the world of magic & espers?
What about secrecy? Espers are known to exist by many people (which is the reason why so many people came to watch the sport festival there) and the magic side can easily use magic to mask their presence. Maybe even make you forget about what happened if you see too much.

However, maybe they don't try to stay secret as much as normal people don't believe in existence of magicians and espers. Index ceartanly didn't try to hide the secrets about magic to someone who has nothing to do with it. The mages also don't seem to mind casting their spells in places surrounded with normal people much either.

And the fact President Obama exist in TAMNI?
I did not say that the ENTIRE history is changed. If it was, then the world would look even more different.
What I want to say is that there is no reason to criticize some points of novels because in teh world that is so and so. If England in TAMNI has greater population then in our world, then thats how it is: it is one of differences betwen our and their world.
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