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Originally Posted by Nervous Venus View Post
Anybody have a clue what "しゃぶ中" would be? It's a nickname (I'm guess derogatory) they give to this boy, and the author's note says, " ウソか誠か自分の息子をしゃぶれるが自慢--->しゃぶ中"
しゃぶ中 usually means "a junkie", which comes from しゃぶ (a slung for heroine) and 中毒 (addicted). However, in this particular case, the name has an obscene implication:

Spoiler for Inappropriate for kids:

Originally Posted by rainnydaiis View Post
so thats the only way the quote could be translated into kanji?
I mean, it is one of the smartest options I think within the limitation of kanji. If you tolerate kana and some verboseness, I can just translate it into「善人無為に過ごさば悪栄うべし」etc.
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