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Originally Posted by Elvin View Post
The vets win (and lose) auditions just like the newbies. There just aren't enough roles to go around.
I highly doubt that. And not to mention I don't mean some middling seiyuu who's been around the industry for years so are considered "veterans", but popular ones, like the two we're mentioning.

From Yuu Asakawa's english tweets around a year ago
I honestly wish I could understand what she was trying to convey. I sense the distress, but I am unable to discern the cause of it. Did she perchance say the same thing in Japanese? It might clarify things.

Saying they have it easy enough to "tone down" is kind of crapping on how hard they try to get the work they do.
I know very well about how bad the sieyuu industry is. I read the same horror stories you guys probably have. The point is, we have two prolific, high-level seiyuu, and my opinion is that should they seriously be targeting bigger roles, just putting on their serious-mode would easily take them very far. We've seen it in the past. That is to say, if they were actually working hard to secure roles, people like them would definitely get them.

It's like saying Kugumine Rie wouldn't get a loli tsundere role if she pushed her hardest for one. It's just not likely.

Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Both have major roles coming this year, I should mention.
If both are the same titles I am thinking of, then I should mention both are sorta "grandfathered" in roles, where they have been associated with previous works/projects of that series, so not having them reprise their roles is more blasphemous to fans than having them.
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