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Originally Posted by mayumi View Post
going by this cards stuff, zessica's card ace of diamond or ace of pentacle in this link. the whole flowers theme and being abundant makes sense. also the card is of practical sense which makes sense cause zessica seems to be a practical person. to me it looks like she is sirius.
I don't see Sirius in that at all.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Nah, the confident friendly ones usually don't stay that way when in love, as feelings change so does the interaction. While it could very well go the way you've said, how the episode ended last week was a good indication of how she would be taking this.
Mayhaps you are right, but I still expected her to interact with and be around Amata in the following episode, just in a more awkward way (which, I'm pretty sure, is the most common reaction even given the ending of 8)... instead they just kept her entirely away from him the whole time.

As I said before, I had expected Mikono to be the one where Zessica was at the end of the episode and vice-versa for Zessica (playing off the tropes of: main girl finds that other girl has fallen for guy, keeps distance because she thinks guy also likes other girl <- pretty common trope for triangles), but it was the other way around.

Originally Posted by mayumi View Post
I would argue that it's more of a whisper or a slip of the tongue rather than a declaration of sort
The fact remains that she said it, meaning she was thinking it. To the edit, I wouldn't call it uncertainty about her feelings but about what course of action to take, if that's what you meant then we agree.
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