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@eras: Laura is supposed to be the subject/issue Clarissa is dealing with in Clarissa's arc focus.

The skin technically doesn't toughen up. I'm no med student or dermatologist but from my experience its more like the skin is abused and the living skin cells become dead cells. The dead skin normally peels off but in this case too much skin is already dead and not able to peel off. That or the body senses a need for new layers of skin cell is needed. In this case the exterior dead skin harden/toughens as it loses nutrients required from the body. It's like adding more skin over skin you already have.(all just based from my experience)

the rapid fire seems to be a weakness to me because you need to get consecutive shots off in a single spot to break through. IE Ichika taking the fall for Houki's ********. The energy blast makes sense but it seems to require a lot of charge time, well relatively since they can cross a 100 meters in the blink of an eye.
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