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I don't get why Erika can't make the mistake of not making sure behind her there's really Shannon and Kumasawa and Kanon is really where Battler says he was.

Despite being intelligent she overlooked checking things more than once in Umineko so missing to check is an error she's prone to do.

We're never told Erika saw Kanon and Shannon together in the parlour, we're told that Battler saw them, first one and after the other but in such a short amount of time it's hard to think Yasuda managed to switch from one to the other, realistically speaking (Umineko sometimes could care less about realism, though, but I don't think that speedchanging Yasuda is the trick here). In order to see them Battler had to move his gaze around the room, while Erika was in front of him, likely looking at him.

From Erika's perspective she likely in that moment saw Battler, George and Jessica... and possibly who were behind them or close to them. If there were people close or behind them.
She had to play the polite and proper guest, it's rude to costantly look around, expecially when talking with someone else. Lambda took advantage of this to trick everyone (Bern, Erika, Battler) about everyone being present.

It fits with Erika's character (she doesn't always check thingseven when it could turn important later) without touching Erika's abilities (she cannot be shown falsehood).

It's nothing else but the same trick used to have her believe that the cousins were dead or that Kanon was in the room.
In both cases, if she had checked, she wouldn't have been tricked.

And now let's talk about an odd thing I noticed about the gold.

The world's largest gold bar stands at 250 kg (551 lb), measuring 45.5 cm 22.5 cm 17 cm.
Now this means 10 tons of gold would be 40 gold bars and if I try to build a wall with them I would have 227,5 cm x 45 cm x 68 cm (5 gold bars x 2 gold bars x 4 gold bars).

Okay, so the gold bars used in Umineko can't be that big as they weight only 10 kg and a gold bar isn't a perfect parallelepiped so measurement is approximative but still... it doesn't look like the huge mountain of gold we see in Umineko, though the gold bar would be 1000.

Though maybe it's an optical illusion. The wall showed in the PSP version seems huge but the ingots might be rather small... and the anime and the manga might have not bothered checking how big the 'mountain' of gold was supposed to be.

Also about 'Our Confession'.

Spoiler for Spoiler about Our Confession:
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