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...I've only been repeating things that have been stated over and over throughout Umineko, whether it be the novels or Tsubasa. That's why I think it is close to the truth. However, I acknowledge that there can be holes.

For example, I don't remember Lambda saying that everything Erika observes is literally 100% certain.

Alright. Then in that case, I'll adjust my theory to match that. Everything Piece Erika observes, is 100% certain. It is at the level of Red Truth.

Therefore, that which she does not observe, or does not pay attention to, is not 100% certain. And since we were only shown the Fantasy side of that scene, then as far as we're concerned, anything could have happened on the Mystery side, within reason. So, my theory about staging a detective game instead of doing normal introductions is still valid.
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