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Whoa-za ... are you responding to a specific theory, or every one out there? Part of why I support Kanon having a body is that it means Erika's Mary-Sue powers worked EXACTLY as we were told, and she gets to still be as intelligent and anal retentive about details as we're told she is.

Of course, my theory DOES have Erika being mildly duped - it would mean Lambda made a fundamental change to the structure of the game unannounced, and !Battler reverted back to the original structure, similarly unannounced. I would not say, however, that either told her deliberate lies about their narratives ... er, beyond the degree that Beato did with any of her games, anyway.

ALSO, we've been discussing this parlor scene, but the last few posts made me realize that we may not all be talking about the same one. Most of my thinking concerned Erika'd denouement, wherein she deliberately gathered every living charater into the parlor with her. However, some of us seem to be talking about her introduction, where the "people in parlor now equals people on island" red was made.

I bring this up because I can maybe, MAYBE excuse Kanon being behind Godha at the introduction, where Erika was still playing the part of a mature, refined young lady, but I came to my own conclusion at the denouement where, despite the continuing lack of Erika's first-person descriptives, the presence of every human besides Kinzo, Hideyoshi, and Twilight was deliberate on the part of Erika herself, and typical of the type of denouement scene that's ... hm, traditional isn't the word I want to use - expected.
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