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No, i didn't answer my own question. MvC3 is huge worldwide except in japan and there was an incident about it a few months ago.
Kusoru who flew all the way from Japan won earlier this year UMvC3 evo 2012 with his obsecure team of Rocket Raccoon, Frank West and Viewtifull Joe.
After winning the tournament he said that he probably won't be back the next time and there was a huge commotion about in the in American fighting game community saying how bad his attitude seeing that japan didn't even take the game seriously at all (it's only played in minor tournaments and even in the local tournaments it's not that common).

As for samurai spirits, Samurai Spirits Zero Special was still played in last and this years Ura Tougeki. So stop saying things that you have obviously no clue about.
Ura Tougeki... and you are arguing that it is not a cult hit? :-/

Isn't that the case here? It's the same reason why Chun Li was popular when street fighter 2 (1992) was released, you could actually play as a female character who could kick ass instead of being a damsell in distress. Or the popularity of Lara Croft eventhough the first tomb raider was pretty mediocre.
In 1993 (samurai spirits) it was still not that common to see cute female characters in video games that you could actually control and fight with.
Yeah cause every female character in their own games got popular right? Their character design has absolutely nothing to do with it...

Stop trying to change the subject to plain looking characters, because we are still talking about how incidental black rock shooter was. You were the one saying that Black Rock shooter was such a good example of a character design made it into animes and OAV's. Yet all of the other huge MAD and AMV icons didn't get any animes.
Change the subject? I already answered you and asked another question that is relevant in this argument. Unlike you who goes "you watched madoka magica because it is made by shaft(as if being animated by shaft makes the character)omg i am right"

Nice contradiction even in the same post again.
You were not going blind into Madoka, because you even said it yourself that you started it because it was made by Shaft. Which is loyalty to a certain studio and that is also a possible factor for watching a show.Thus making your primary reason of watching Madoka in the first place not the character design but rather loyalty.
See? Starting an argument over anything now huh? It's funny really now you're adding production studio to your list of relevant "traits" to identify a character. Are you gonna start telling people now that it is impossible to go into a show blind the moment you learn the show's title?

You have no idea how much and how many times these comic book characters have changed (both appearances and personality) over the last half century.
This had nothing to do with a first design of outside appearance, seeing that also a huge amount of characters didn't change at all (aside from the drawing style, because it was obviously done by a different artist).

As for written works it pretty obvious that you have to describe someone's appearance, otherwise you will not get someone's first impression.
Does it matter how many times they revamped designs? The fact of the matter is character designs are being changed to appeal. Personally I'm at loss why you are still arguing about this or do you need me to tell you that appeal leads to recognition?

You say it is pretty obvious but it looks to me you don't understand why the outside appearance is described first. Oh and did you know that first and primary are synonyms?

Tell me how can people recognize Madoka in a picture drawn by a fanartist? How can people recognize Madoka in a doujinshi acting like a perverted old man? I'm going to tell you now that being animated by Shaft does not have anything to do with it.
Homura: Die monster! You don't belong in this world!
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Kyubey: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.
Homura: Your words are as empty as your soul! Lolis ill-needs a savior such as you!
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