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And i said to define your own definiton of cult hit. Because for all that matters every good animes are in the eyes of non otaku also just cult hits, seeing that we anime watchers are in the minority when looking at the global level.

As for Tougeki , it only uses recent games (just like Evo) and samurai spirits hasn't made a a game the last few years. It's because it's such a popular franchise so that previous installments of that game are still played in tournaments.
Why do I need to repeat myself? And Tougeki does not play old games? Care to tell me why 3rd strike is still in there?

So what does this have to do with your original statement that she was popular despite the game being an utter disappointment.
So far i haven't seen any actual proof of you claiming that Samurai spirits was a bad game and she became popular just because of her design. In fact if it weren't for the succes of the game, she probably wouldn't have become popular. That is what i am saying.
Sorry chap but SS is a cult hit. Ura tougeki :-/ You brought this to yourself really.

And i already disproved your previous answer by saying that black rock shooter
was merrely incidental. Yet you want to to find an excuse by saying let's go back of finding examples of "normal looking people".
No, you did not disprove my point. I don't know why you keep on insisting that these secondary attributes did not matter when I never did say that.

My main argument here is hypocrisy. You said that character design is the primary reason for identifiable characters and shows, yet it wasn't the case for yourself.
lol? Since when did picking up a show translated into identifiable characters? So I picked up a show blindly how is that relevant here?

As for loyality it is a trait. Some people watch animes because it's directed by their favorited director or if the anime has their favorite seiyuus in it. Having loyalty to a studio is the same as well. Your claim that you were going blind into Madoka was false because you were already expecting something already based on the fact that it was made by Shaft (thus implying that you were atleast impressed by their previous works).
It is a trait by the watcher for the show. Do you need me to point out how laughable your argument is? Also since you're already going knee deep into this. I am telling you now. I have watched anime for 17 years. I have watched 9 Shaft shows 6 of which I have dropped. So much for loyalty huh?

Weren't you the one who started this with asking me why they redesigned Ryo Hayabusa? I was the one answering that is for appeal, but then you starting that outward appearance was established first and i disproved that by syaing that lot's of super heores still have the same costumes as 50 years ago.
You were the one who brought Ryo into this. And no characters not being revamped for a long time does not disprove my point. Do you want me to ask you now why those other characters id not get revamped?

First and primary are not always synomyms. It depends on the context.
My first reason for hating a show does not mean that it's the primary (most important)reason why i hate a show.
True it is based on context but you know it applies in this argument.

And didn't i already establish that this topic was not just about character appearances on this post

As for fan creations, they can easily do anything out of context. Same people don't even consider that identifiable seeing how much the character differs from their original.
But that would be an entirely different discussion if i start about that.
And did I ever say that a character is only about appearances. You seem to keep on insisting that I did. You can easily go back a few pages to see you know.

I beg to differ but the fact of the matter is many doujinshis have the characters going OOC. It never stopped anyone from recognizing the characters.
Homura: Die monster! You don't belong in this world!
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Kyubey: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.
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