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Originally Posted by Edge Meltdown View Post
I would mention Alto, but he's exclusively for Sheryl only . I guess bringing that up will only get me a bullet in the head so, I'll just zip my mouth
Bah. Alto is a gnat compared to Max.

And I *like* Alto.

Still, none of this has anything to do with Macross FB7.

(BTW, can someone change it so that it no longer looks like I started this thread...? I don't want to be responsible for crushed dreams and fallen expectations when it turns out that this thing ISN'T a full-length, fully-animated feature film...)

EDIT: I other words, who do I complain to about taking my post in the 30th Anniversary thread (and "Macross FB7" is only a SMALL part in the 30th anniversary celebration) and turning it into its own thread (making it look like I created it) without asking me first?
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