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Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
Thanks, I'm gonna go ahead and post the rest of what I have... I think I found a way to make a story like the Movie STEALTH out of all this mess. But with something like, ten times the comedy.

Here's what I have, leaving off from the brief history. It covers the introduction of Marilyn (Based on a lady I do know in real life, crossed with the skunk from Over the Hedge), and repeats what I previously posted about our lead Mechanic...

Spoiler for More fun.:

Man, it's gonna take at least a chapter's worth of introductions to get through the staff. I've got a the Base Commander, Test Pilot Unit 02 (FOX), At least one uncreated Engineer, The TAC officer (In the sound cinema I wrote, it's the deep voiced man that relays all the information and operates the operations terminal.)...
Then I have to run the scenario introduction (which brings in Nanoha characters...) introduce the E.D.I. clone, and kickstart the first 'battle'. (Mock Battle really.)

Anyway, you might like something I tagged onto Crash's profile. If you can't easily figure out what it is from his conversation with 'Ma'... there's something wrong with you.
Well, it's well written, but i can't see what you mean about the conversation...
...i blame it on the fact that i'm half a world away and don't own a TV.

But i have this creeping feeling that you designed Don after me, using our little debate as a base
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