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Originally Posted by Kha View Post
I'm open to suggestions.
We need candidates, and I'm out of ideas

Originally Posted by Kha
Oh yeah, it does!

But I was thinking about what I saw when Throne Drei covered the entire freakin battlefield with GN goo. Is that h4xx, or is that H4XX?!
Well, it does nothing more than scramble communications... still, quite impressive Second Impact like display by Drei

Wonder if Eva-01 Yui can do that

Originally Posted by Kha
BoukenRed's Unlucky Day.

Originally Posted by Kha
Setting aside canon fact that no other mages have been found to exist on Earth... Where's the fun in ending the story like that?! Let MC hand Voldermolt's ass to him, but make it rock!
It may not be fun, but it's still AWESOME

And you forget, MC makes everything ROXXORS

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