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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

Ending reminded me more of Cowboy Bebop the Movie

"The falling red light signifies the end of a warrior."

Or was that the anime?


Oh yes, age really gets to you.

Aurion should be more like this guy:

Aurion's not that old now is he? 34-ish as of StS means he still has a quite a long way to go before becoming an old geezer.


Pretty much...

"I'll make you into a man"

Reminds me of this from somewhere..

"I'll break you as a man."



HP would've been finished in half a book had MC been around
Come to think of it, I just read a fanfic where Hayate visits Hogwarts. The author said it was outright crack at the start though.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Well, it does nothing more than scramble communications... still, quite impressive Second Impact like display by Drei

Wonder if Eva-01 Yui can do that
Considering the number of crackEVAheads here, someone's bound to bring a event like Second Impact here sooner or later.



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