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Well, I agree with you about Tohru - there's just not enough smoke there and the clock is ticking fast. If that's even going to elevate to the level of a misdirection, never mind a serious development it's going to have to start pretty damn quick.

Frankly, while no two Okada series are alike you've summed it up pretty well with the last sentence of your first paragraph. You can go down the laundry list of her series at ANN or MAL and I don't think you'll find a single one that had an unexpected romantic twist at the end that resulted in a surprising pairing. Admittedly some of those series are adaptations, so one can assume that unless the series had an anime-original ending it was the original author who decided how the story would conclude. But there's a long list to go on - TT, Toradora, AnoHana, Gosick (which did have an anime-original end), Hourou Musuko... It's either the obvious pairing or no pairing at all. I haven't seen every single series she was the lead writer on so I may have missed the exception that proves the rule.

It just seems obvious that there's a lot of thinly veiled character-bashing in this thread posing as analysis (and I'm not singling you out here). If the agenda is to bash the character, just come right out and admit you're speaking from the heart...
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