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K's mildly entertaining at this point. It's at least pretty to watch, but its plot and characters are lacking. Best character would have to be Kuroh, on account of his personality quirks. I'd have said I liked the cleaning robots, but my love for them is wearing thin the more that the series goes on without making its other characters interesting. (The robots are good, but they can't carry the show alone!)

At this point I think the only way I'm going to like Yashiro is if he turns out to be an evil mastermind after all. Preferably one who's messed with his own memories. A mere split personality or twin or clone or whatever just won't be good enough. I think he could have been interesting if only he had been given some more character depth, but it's four episodes into the series and he just hasn't got it. Neither has anyone, really. Only him being a cool manipulative villain/anti-hero will be enough to redeem him now!

Neko was pretty cute this ep. I liked seeing her antics this time, but I'm still very disappointed that she turned out to be a thick-as-a-brick catgirl. It's such a waste. Again, there's a possibility she'll end up as morally ambiguous or interesting, or that she knows more than she's saying, but that would be very difficult to reconcile with her current persona. It could be done, but it would need to be well written.

The other characters...Well, they've got potential, but I just don't know whether they'll be given enough screen time to be worthwhile. So far, although we have got a plot, IMO it doesn't seem to have a lot of charm, and it hasn't gone anywhere much for a while. Next ep, people should at least be after Shiro again. It's repetitive, but let's see how the writers handle it.

I've read comments about K at a few places, and I'm finding it hilarious how some people are hating on K because of it being "yaoi", "gay" or "shounen ai". I think those people must never have seen an actual shounen ai series. There are many series where some types of yaoi fangirls swear blind that characters are 100% gay and that every moment on screen with them is a hardcore yaoi moment, when that is not really the case and they just have their yaoi goggles on far too tight. It's as if some homophobic fanboys have accidentally duct-taped those yaoi goggles to their faces while watching K, and are panicking.
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